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Player Development Summer Camps

2019 Heritage Hockey Summer Camps

Heritage Hockey is a 3-season program. In the summer, the focus is on the individual player skills, strength and conditioning, and team building. The fall is about player/team tactics, and team systems. In the winter, we focus on the team and a full development of the process.

The summer is the best time to build hockey strength and conditioning, and to meet future teammates and coaches. Unlike other summer hockey camps, the Heritage camps are actually led by the varsity head coach, Jeremy Sims, and the rest of the Heritage coaching staff. They do not outsource the player development to part-time or summer-hire coaches. The coaches understand these are future Heritage Hockey players and are invested in the development and success of each player because they will bring future success to the Heritage Hockey teams.

The 2019 Heritage Hockey 8-Week Summer Development Camp is designed to provide LPS high school hockey players with a hockey-specific training, strength and conditioning program. The focus is on a combination of aerobic power, strength building, explosive speed and power, as well as good anaerobic endurance (strengthening muscles by forcing them to work very hard for a brief time). And for the 1st time we will be doing off-ice training in the Heritage High School weight room.

The summer is also the perfect time to learn, develop, and recharge your hockey skills and knowledge, as well as have some fun. Our 3v3 skates will be included in the 8-Week Summer Development Camp this summer.

The 8-Week Development Camp includes:

  • On-Ice Player Development: 2 Days a week (Monday & Wednesday 6:30—7:45 AM) South Sub Ice Arena

  • Strength & Conditioning: 4 Days a week (Mon, Tues, Wed, & Thurs) 4:00-5:00 PM Heritage High School Weight Room

  • Thursday Night 3vs3: 1 Night a week play in a 3v3 Tournament (8:00—9:30 PM) South Sub Ice Arena

Contact Coach Sims for information or questions at: